Abdul Awal

Head Of Accounts & Finance

Meet Our Head of Accounts and Finance

Mr. Abdul Awal

We are delighted to introduce Mr. Abdul Awal, a seasoned finance professional who brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the Leadburg Education team. As our Head of Accounts, Mr. Awal plays a pivotal role in steering the financial strategies of our organization.


Professional Background:

Mr. Awal's journey in the realm of finance began with a distinguished tenure at Baximco, one of the leading companies in the industry. His role as an Accounts Officer in such a prominent organization not only sharpened his financial acumen but also instilled in him the values of precision and excellence.


Dedication and Honesty:

What sets Mr. Awal apart is not just his impressive resume but also his unwavering dedication and honesty. These qualities are the cornerstones of his professional ethos, making him an exemplary leader in our team. We believe in the power of trust and integrity, and Mr. Awal embodies these values to the fullest.


Senior Member of Our Team:

As a senior member of the Leadburg Education family, Mr. Awal brings a wealth of expertise that extends beyond numbers. His strategic insights and collaborative approach make him an invaluable asset, contributing not only to the financial success of our organization but also fostering a culture of teamwork and growth.


Vision for Leadburg Education:

Mr. Awal envisions a financially robust future for Leadburg Education, characterized by sustainable growth and fiscal responsibility. His strategic foresight aligns with our commitment to providing quality education, and his financial stewardship ensures the foundation for our long-term success.


We are proud to have Mr. Abdul Awal at the helm of our financial endeavors, steering us towards new horizons with integrity, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

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