Md Taufiq Rayhan

Executive Manager (Int' Affairs & Business Development)

Mr. Taufiq Rayhan plays a vital role as the Executive Manager at Leadburg Education, overseeing various crucial aspects of the company's operations. With his exceptional leadership skills and extensive expertise in business development, international admissions, and student consultancy, he is instrumental in driving the success and growth of the organization. As the Executive Manager, Mr. Taufiq Rayhan takes charge of the overall business development strategies of Leadburg Education. He formulates and executes plans to expand the company's reach, forge strategic partnerships, and explore new opportunities in the education industry. His visionary approach and keen market insights enable him to identify and capitalize on emerging trends and market demands. In addition to business development, Mr. Taufiq Rayhan also oversees international admissions, ensuring a seamless process for students aspiring to study abroad. He guides students through the complex admission procedures, providing comprehensive support and assistance in selecting suitable institutions and courses. His expertise in international education systems and requirements ensures that students receive accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions. Furthermore, Mr. Taufiq Rayhan's role extends to being a student consultant, where he personally advises and mentors students. He empathetically listens to their aspirations and concerns, offering guidance and solutions tailored to their unique needs. His wealth of knowledge and experience allows him to provide valuable insights on academic pathways, career prospects, and personal development, empowering students to make the best choices for their educational journeys.


Mr. Taufiq Rayhan's exceptional leadership skills and ability to manage diverse responsibilities contribute to the success of Leadburg Education. His strategic thinking, combined with his passion for helping students, fosters a culture of excellence and client satisfaction within the organization. He leads by example, inspiring the team to deliver exceptional service and create positive experiences for students and their families.

Here are some key points highlighting Mr. Taufiq Rayhan's special attributes-

  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Expertise in strategic planning and market insights.
  • Seamless management of international admissions processes.
  • Empathetic and personalized student guidance.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Overall, Mr. Taufiq Rayhan's role as the Executive Manager at Leadburg Education showcases his leadership abilities, expertise in business development and international admissions, and his dedication to guiding students towards their educational goals. His contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the organization's success and cementing its reputation as a trusted and reliable educational consultancy firm.


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